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Eric Malinski



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The Alto Molino Challenge


Since the completion of their winery in Cafayate, Jon & Arlene Malinski have enjoyed taking a brisk morning walk to the Alto Molino (High Mill) just on the south end of their Estancia in the high elevations of Cafayate. In the Fall of 2017 they hosted a meeting with the winemakers at the Alto Molino location and had spirited conversations challenging the team to create a line of wines that was balanced (the oak, fruit, and tannins perfectly integrated) at a price that would catch the attention of todays advanced consumers who demand value, authenticity, and sustainability from a wine brand.

The challenge was accepted and the project was named after the structure that hosted the meeting, ALTO MOLINO.

After three years of laborious planning and holding true to the selection of the highest quality of fruit and uncompromising winemaking process we confidently present our exciting new Alto Molino line at a value yet to be seen in the market today.

At Artel Inc we will never grow weary of presenting quality wines at an astonishing value.

Abrazo! Eric Malinski
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